Friday, 5 June 2015

Sounds hairy to me...

Couple of weekends ago (I've just recovered) there was an epic Liverpool music festival, Sound City, and I took it upon myself to find the best beards...

Here we go:

This guy Pat was awesome 



Thanks for being awesomely bearded chaps! I shall be back soon with news of registrations for this year's festival (3 months guys!) and categories and music lineup & all the info you can shake a stick at!


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Let there be music...

Beerdfest is made up of three of my favourite things: Beards, beer and music!

This awesome beard themed track by The Bandettes was brought to my attention after our last fest when a very kind fella made us a little video from the day...

One day I hope to be able to afford to fly these beard-loving gals to Liverpool...

I am currently curating the live music for BeerdFest 2015 and it's great to get so many people asking for a spot! There will be an announcement about who is playing over the summer & I'm going to make it extra special this year as we reach our 4th meeting - who knew we would have so much fun we'd come back for more this many times!!! Thanks to everyone who shows the love and makes the fest the great day out that it has become <3

I can confirm this year we'll have a very special Lifetime Achievement Award which was much fun getting into the mitts of a very special bearded music maker ^_^

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Beard Season

My favourite faker at Yorkshire Beard Day #futureheartbreaker ^_^ 

It's always Beard Season as far as BeerdFesters are concerned but this month we took a trip to fair Scarborough to see the Yorkshire Beard Day teamsters... Fantastic show of talent and creativity in all categories and a wonderful lineup of music makers too (I now feel the need for more trombone in my life ^_^). The impressive fake beards on display was good to see, especially the little ones, so watch out for news of how to get your little one onto a mini-tashwag catwalk this September! 

SheBeat warms up the Yorkshire Beard Day crowd after the contesting 
SheBeat (my musical alter-ego) took to the stage after contesting was over and warmed up the crowd, happy to report we're getting lots of requests to perform at this year's BeerdFest so the sound of the festival will be better than ever *this is my happy face* 

Look us up on - there's an event link lurking about there-in someplace too

We're on Twitter @Beerdfestlpool 

Will be back with more news & beard love as it happens ^_^ 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Lovely lady seeks lumbersexual: Bristlr review

I asked Beerdfest team member Raegan to review the newest beard app on the block for us... I have invited Bristlr creator John Kershaw to join us at our next meet September 5th and hopefully he has pencilled us in his v. busy diary to make the short journey down the M62 to join in our beards, beer and music fest for 2015 ^_^ JS

Cougar’s not a dirty word: lovely lady seeks lumber sexual.

By Raegan Krista.
14 February 2015.

I’ve been led to the pleasant revelation that I’m a cougar. 

It’s fair to say the resurgence of facial hair is largely a product of the hipster movement. Therefore you’ll find quite a lot of hipsters on Bristlr: the dating app (and site) for men with beards, and the people who want to meet them.

I like hipster guys. I like creative men who dress with panache. It also turns out that I utterly adore their coiffed, combed, conditioned, trimmed, twirled, preened, stroked and styled facial hair. As one Bristlr lady’s profile states, “I don’t want a beard that exists because you’re too lazy to shave. You need to want that beard, work that beard, EARN that beard”. Well in, you lovely hipster lads!

Since most hipsters are under 35, my lovely discovery was prompted by there being no age filter. You can filter by distance though, and gender: men (‘Beards only!’), women (‘No beards thanks’) and either (‘I don’t mind’). 

There are beards for everybody on Bristlr: younger, older; mostly straight, some gay and bi; from 5 o’clock stubble to ZZ Top commitment, sparse hair manicured to unsettling perfection and bushy bombs that hide almost entire faces; English, European, Middle Eastern, Australian. It’s beards without borders and plenty of women have signed up for the ride. 

There are still some pretty big bugs. My first few attempts to join apparently didn’t work yet I ended up with 3 profiles. I also haven’t been able to log in via the app for four days. Once you enter your age it can’t be un-entered, but you can change it (shhh, I’m not really 88). But the developer John Kershaw makes no promises. Bristlr is a bit of fun and it’s worth checking out for the error message alone.

If you’re a facial hair fan, you can’t go wrong. Bristlr’s free to download, search, show interest and message others. Plus for a teeny £2.40 you get to see which hot, young, hipster studs have viewed your profile. And, guys... You might like being with a lady who’s made mix tapes for real. Just saying.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Well hello there, what a fine moustache!

Back to business then here at Beard Blogging Towers: This is Mike from Chester and just look at what a wonderful moustache he has! Only been nurturing this fine specimen for a year and a half, hopefully he'll bring it along to BeerdFest later this year (World Beard Day) to contend for Best Moustache, certainly it is the finest I've seen in a while! Keep up the good work Mike ^_^

Friday, 5 December 2014

Guest post from Michael Wallage on beard balms

Michael Wallage BeerdFest WINNER 2014 Photograph Kayley Cope 
I`ve been making my own beard balm now for quite some time. It`s a Lanolin based balm that both myself and the few people who have tried it think is excellent. I toyed with the idea of producing it in larger quantities and selling. However... I think that there are so so many people producing excellent beard care products that the venture would take a great deal of hard work and time to see very little in return.

So for what it`s worth I`m going to share it with you good folks and you can make up your own minds. I use 4 parts of pharmaceutical grade Lanolin (I`ve been using Lanisnoh but this is expensive, (i`ll deal with that issue later) 3 parts organic virgin coconut oil and 1 part of a light carrier oil. Simply weigh out the ingredients into a bowl, stand this bowl in another larger bowl of hot (not boiling water) When the Lanolin and Coconut oil has melted i just give the solution a good stir and leave to set.
I then fill some little containers i bought on the internet (pennies each) and bob`s ya uncle. Put a small amount on the palms, rub your hands together and ....well you know the score, you`ve had a beard for long enough. If you want some scent you can always drip a few drops of your favourite beard oil into the palms with the balm and combine the two before application.

Now to the cost of that Lanolin... Lanisnoh around about £10.00 for a small tube. I did a little bit of research and found this company, based in Reading who sell pharmaceutical grade Lanolin very reasonably...amongst other products you may find useful prices start at £9.00 for 500g falling pro-rata to as little as £75.00 for 5kg. 

This balm works really well for me and the few who have tried it, it`s not been tested on lots of people and may not suit everyone. I just thought i`d share it with everyone, you can make up your own minds.

Thanks Michael for sharing your winning expertise on the blog! ^_^ 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards, a review

I have the pleasure of reviewing this fab art history book featuring my fav topic outside of Elvis and Beatles: facial fuzz! And lucky you dear reader could be in with a chance to win your own copy ^_^

Movember is done and Decembeard is underway but what if you're just an old fashioned pogonophile like me? Seasonal hurrahs for all things beardy is all well and good, but what about the rest of the year? Well now I can recommend you a lovely coffee table edition to browse in any season...

Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards by Lucinda Hawksley was brought to my attention via a mutual friend of the author who quite rightly imagined I would be very interested in the National Portrait Gallery publication...

Who knew the Egyptians were big fans of the false beard? That the Victorians experienced a serious beard fad? And that the Crimean War turned beards from zero to hero? This is such an entertaining and informative read for beard lovers everywhere - get involved!

For the pogonophile in your life I can think of no better gift - it's delightful and inspiring, I'm off to my local gallery this weekend to spy historical beards ^_^

If you'd like to win* a copy of this lovely book, just complete the following sentence:
Beards are boss because...
and email it to beerdfestliverpool [at] gmail [dot] com by Dec 14th, 2014 and if you're my #favourite you'll have a treat coming your way!

Get your copy at Amazon or order it at your fav local bookshop

*conditions apply, UK entries only